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The usernames and passwords we use are Case Sensitive.

Case Sensitive means that means if your username is AD-2345 you have to CAPITALIZE the "AD" and not type "ad". You also need to use the dash or hyphen "-" which is right next to the zero key "0" on your keyboard.

There are 2 sections of Swinger Zone that require usernames and passwords.

1. The main Swinger Zone website which is at http://www.swingerzone.com/members/index.html

This is the area that has hand-screened profiles and uncensored pictures of people. There are over 800 pages of personals ads there. We personally send you a username and password for either a full membership or a free 15-day membership. You would have needed to fill out profile first to get into this section.

2. The Swinger Zone Message Forum which is at http://www.swingerzone.com/forum/index.php

This area is a message center only. Each State has it's own section. The webserver is case sensitive and it will deny access to you if you don't capitalize letters in your username or password. For instance, if you have a password of TgN6e4w you have to capitalize the T and the N or it will not let you in. Once you do get in, you can go to your profile and change your password to something easy. (We have no control over that sorry) If you know how to copy and paste something I strongly suggest you copy your password from your welcome letter to the forum and then paste it into the password window when you enter the message forum.

If you don't know how to copy and paste something go here to learn: How to copy and paste something: http://www.swingerzone.com/copy_paste.htm

If your password doesn't work:


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