Mid-Atlantic Social Club Dances and Swingers Website
For more information, please call our 24 hour club hotline at 804-674-0508
Serving Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina and Maryland
This is a Private Club, membership is required.

  • Mid-Atlantic is a "couples only" social club holding monthly socials with a no pressure , discrete, classy, upscale nightclub atmosphere for couples in the "lifestyle."
  • There are no annual dues to join but it is required that you complete a registration form. Socials are held one Saturday a month from 8pm-2am with a party fee of $40 per couple.
  • Security personnel are on duty from 7:30pm until 2am. There is a full service cash bar and catered buffet (club provided) as well as DJs playing great music.
  • You must be 21 years of age to attend a social. Proof of age may be required. Dress sexy, dress casual or dress to fit the theme of the evenings party.
  • Mid -Atlantic Social Club is a registered and licensed business. Mid -Atlantic is also a proud member of NASCA (North American Swing Club Association)

General Rules of the Club

No controlled substances! - Everyone must be 21 or older - Valid photo ID's are required to enter.


  • All new couples must RSVP at least 5 days prior to the social and attend our new couples seminar. New couple walk-ins will not be allowed (unless prior arrangements have been made with a staff member).

  • Each couple must have a signed registration form on file. New couples will be required to read and sign our registration form at the end of the new couples seminar.
  • The club issues name tags and they are required to be worn at all times while at the social.
  • Proper dress is required in all area's of the hotel. (Dress must be street legal.)
  • Virginia ABC Laws must be adhered to at all times. These Laws Include: No Nudity! All drinks consumed in the lounge must be purchased from the cash bar. The bartender has a right and an obligation to refuse to serve anyone he or she deems to be intoxicated. We all assist in ensuring our individual and club privacy.
  • Understand no means no!
  • Everyone in the lifestyle is concerned about maintaining their personal privacy and the need for discretion surrounding their social activities. The club shares these concerns and provides the methods to guarantee our privacy and confidentiality. Identified staff couples are there to insure a discrete and private function. Name tags (club supplied) are required for member identification and to ensure the exclusive use of our area for our events within the hotel. However, we must have every member's assistance to assure the private, discrete, yet relaxed environment that we all desire. Please keep in mind that we all share this hotel with many people that don't have a clue about the lifestyle. Therefore, we must do everything possible not to call attention to ourselves particularly in the following situations: If other hotel guest ask about our group or the party, be vague and general in your answers. Hotel guests should not be invited to our party. Conversations in the bathrooms, lounge, halls or restaurant about club activities or events can be overheard by outsiders.
  • Respect the rights and personal convictions of the hotel employees. Don't make suggestive comments or flaunt your activities. They work here, but they may not agree with our lifestyle. If your attire is not street legal, you must wear an appropriate cover up in all public areas of the hotel. Always respect the rights and personal convictions of the other hotel guests that are not part of our group. It's a simple case of exercising common sense on our actions and conversations about the lifestyle activities and events while in the general public area of the hotel. Only with your assistance can we provide the discrete and confidential atmosphere that is important to all our members. We appreciate everyone's help!!!!!!!

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