Offnights Social Club - Iowa and Minnesota Swingers

Off Nights Social Club - Iowa and Minnesota Swingers
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We have 2 locations in 2 great states. An On-premise club near Hampton, IA & an Off-Premise club in the Albert Lea, MN area with monthly parties open to couples & singles. Our parties are very similar to a wedding reception. We hold our parties in a banquet room at a motel with a professional DJ & lighting system. People mingle, drink and dance while they get to know each other. If anything sexual is going to go on it is after the dance where arrangements are made on your own. We have people anywhere from 21 to 50+ attending our parties, but the majority are in their late 20s to late 30s. Each party is different depending on time of year & event. Parties range from 100-250 people. Most parties are somewhere in the middle.

Q: What do people wear to these parties?
A: Usually the men wear nice jeans or Dockers. Women dress a little sexier. Think of our parties as a place to wear things you always wanted to wear but can't going out to your normal local bar. About ¼ to ½ the people dress in theme with the exception of Halloween, when about 90% dress in costume for that party.

Q: Isn't this cheating?
A: Swingers consider this a lifestyle choice, not cheating. Cheating is deceiving your loved one. Most couples swing for the experiences they can enjoy together, not to find something different from each other. Only couples and single females are permitted to attend Off Nights parties.

Q: Do we have to be a married couple to attend?
A: No. We have couples who are married, couples who cohabitate and couples who are just dating. We even have couples who started out just dating, got engaged at an Off Nights party, and are now married.

Q: What if I run into someone I know?
A: You might feel awkward at first but you are both there for the same reason & have the same things at stake if someone found out so both of you will remain discreet you will just have one more person that you know to talk to.

Q: What is the orientation for and about?
A: The orientation gives you a background of how & why we started this club as well as membership info & lifestyle info. We will give our advice on how to approach the lifestyle & explain more about what our parties are like.

Q: Are most of the couples who attend experienced in the lifestyle?
A: No. We have several new couples at each party. Because we have a no-pressure atmosphere couples & females feel very secure that being inexperienced is very much o.k. at our club.

Q: What if we don't want to do anything at the end of the night?
A: That is perfectly fine. We recommend you set your own pace, take your time. Not everyone "hooks up" at each party.

Q: Do we have to participate in the contests and/or games?
A: No. We are a no-pressure club - that goes for all aspects. The games & contests are just for fun. Just watching is perfectly o.k.

Q: What kind of music does the DJ play?
A: We really try to keep a variety. We play music from today back to the 70's. We also play some country & line dance songs. We always take requests. We play a equal mixture of slow & fast songs as well.

General Rules of the Club

No mean No! - If you are ever told "no," it means NO. If someone has to tell you twice, you will get a warning. The next time you will be asked to leave, removed from the mailing list and not have a chance to rejoin Off Nights. Respect everyone around you.

No public nudity - You may wear what you like but all nipples and all genital areas must be covered. If you are wearing something that would draw attention in public, please cover yourself coming and leaving the party room.

Do not distribute information - All information given to you either through e-mail or in person must be kept to yourself for the safety of the club. This also means if you are a reporter for any kind of media, you agree not to report on any part of this lifestyle. All experiences and information must be kept confidential.

Be Discreet - We have several members who if "found out" could lose their jobs, and possibly family and friends. You cannot give out any personal information you may know about any members to anyone.

Cameras and videos - Video cameras are only allowed in the privacy of your motel room and with everyone's permission who is in that room. Cameras are allowed but pictures can only be taken of those who have given permission. Make sure no one is in the background as this would be considered breaking the rules. You must have permission to take the photo even from people in the background.

Fighting - There is no fighting allowed at any Off Nights social. You will be asked to leave immediately and be removed as members with no chance of rejoining.

Must be 21 - Because most of our socials involve going to places where alcohol is present, you must be 21 years old or older to attend an Off Nights social. Guests must show ID at the door.

Disease - For the safety of all our members, please do not attend an Off Nights social if you carry any sexually transmitted disease.

No public sex - No sexual relations of any kind are permitted in the banquet room or bathrooms. You will be asked to leave at once.

Cancellation Policy - When you sign up for a party & then find out you are unable to make it we ask that you contact us by e-mail up to 2 days prior to a party & by cell phone up to the morning of a party. If you do not show up at a party you signed up for & have not contacted us letting us know of your cancellation we will send you out a warning e-mail. You will get a warning e-mail the first time, a warning e-mail the second time & your membership will be dropped on the third time. For non-members you will simply not be invited after the 3rd time. In no way are we saying you don't have a right to cancel, we understand things come up, but we would just like to be notified so we aren't buying food & supplies for more than will be there (we usually buy the food the morning of the party.)

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