Clean-cut Rotary Pussy Shaver

The Midas Touch Clean-cut Pussy Shaver

As seen in "Playboy Advisor Column" and "Penthouse Letters"
Tiny, keep in your purse for away from home use. Simply a "Must Have" Item!

Also known as the Clean-cut "Final Touch" Personal Razor, or just simply "The Pussy Shaver" it is a silver tube that looks and sounds remarkably like a vibrator. Nonetheless, it does an incredible job clearing away fine hair and it won't irritate the skin or cause razor bumps. Standard electric shavers have round holes that nick skin and chop hair like a lawn mower. The pussy shaver has a micro-fine mesh that skin cannot be pulled into and a rotary stainless steel blade that cuts fine hairs like scissors.

Tired of the rashes, red blotches, nicks, cuts, bumps and lumps from wet shaving with a razor?

The Clean-cut Pubic Shaver is the solution to the problem. This powerful rotary personal shaver can be used by both females and males, anytime, anyplace and anywhere. You also receive a free Ladyfair Double Edged Trimmer which takes care of the long hair before shaving. Ideal for shaving Pubic hair, bikini lines or touching up armpits, legs, balls or facial hair.

Cost Comparison
Normal shaving supplies: gels, foams, razors - $100 to $150 per Year
Clean-cut Pubic Shaver: 1-Time Purchase of $59.99


Packaged Product

Shaver and Bush Whacker

Personal Shaver
3 Surgical Sharp Stainless Steel Blades - Nickel Alloy Screen with Palladium Coating

As a combination the Clean-cut Pubic Shaver and the Ladyfair Double Edged Trimmer work well together and are most certainly unique. The Ladyfair is included with the Clean-cut Pubic Shaver so it is not an add on extra or additional purchase. The Clean-cut Pubic Shaver can be used on its own if you have only stubble from previously wet shaving.

Yes, Battery is Included!

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This Combination offer includes the "Bush Whacker" a $14.95 value absolutely FREE! The Bush Whacker is used to trim down longer hair before the personal shaver is used. Includes cleaning brush and travel case.

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