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Clean-cut Rotary Personal Shaver

As seen in "Playboy Advisor Column" and "Penthouse Letters"
Tiny, keep in your purse for away from home use. Simply a "Must Have" Item!

Also known as the Clean-cut "Final Touch" Personal Razor, or just simply "The Pussy Shaver" it is a silver tube that looks and sounds remarkably like a vibrator. Nonetheless, it does an incredible job clearing away fine hair and it won't irritate the skin or cause razor bumps. Standard electric shavers have round holes that nick skin and chop hair like a lawn mower. The pussy shaver has a micro-fine mesh that skin cannot be pulled into and a rotary stainless steel blade that cuts fine hairs like scissors.

Precision Engineered by Seiko™
Official timing company for last Winter Olympics
-~- World renowned watch maker for decades -~-

This shaver is for any intimate area for men or women. It won't nick, irritate or cause ingrown hairs. Dancers and women who wear bikinis have been very impressed. Evelyn, an erotic dancer says, "I'm smooth all over. I had razor bumps before. This is way better. There is no comparison." Nicole, a dancer from San Francisco shaves her armpits with The Clean-cut Personal Razor and raved about the smooth feel. Fellow dancer Shelby is equally impressed. "I shave my bush every day and it gets irritated. The Pussy Shaver felt nice and did a really great job."

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Packaged Product

Shaver and "Bush Whacker"

Personal Shaver
3 Surgical Sharp Stainless Steel Blades
Nickel Alloy Screen with Palladium Coating

The "Soft Touch" Clean-cut Rotary Personal Shaver is the finest, safest shaver made for personal areas. Does not irritate! Does not leave bumps!  It is powered by 1 "C" cell battery and is small enough for a woman to keep in her purse for use anywhere you can have momentary privacy. Turn it on and run smoothly without fear over any of your most sensitive areas in your vaginal area. Press firmly in folds and creases without bites, nicks, pulls or any discomfort whatsoever! May also be used for men's testicles and serves to touch up legs, underarms and anywhere you have short, new hair growth or stubble! Great for men who want to get rid of 5 o'clock beard shadow before leaving work.

Yes, Battery is Included!

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This Combination offer includes the "Bush Whacker" a $14.95 value absolutely FREE! The Bush Whacker is used to trim down longer hair before the personal shaver is used. Includes cleaning brush and travel case.

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